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Our mission.

The single biggest blocker to innovation in healthcare is the time it takes to safely bring new products to market.

Scarlet empowers companies building the next generation of medical software – the software that’ll bring accessible and affordable healthcare to everyone on the planet. Our customers are working on health conditions which collectively impact hundreds of millions of people globally.

Our mission is to hasten the transition to universally accessible and affordable healthcare. We are delivering it by securely increasing access to safe, compliant and effective software medical devices.

A photo showing latino women using medical device to check her blood glucose levels, and share them with her doctors remotely. The software on the medical device could have been certified by Scarlet.

Our culture.

Scarlet is an impact-driven organisation. Our daily decisions are guided by our long‑term vision.

Our principles.


Problems are our team currency; we frame our internal communications in terms of problems and candidate solutions.

High performance.

We are all accountable to our mission and know that only the highest standard of work will deliver on it. That’s why we invest in an environment that fosters excellent performance.


Working in healthcare means that trust is crucial. We share information deliberately and proactively, present facts and feelings as they are, own our choices, and respect each other.

Our team.

Scarlet is run by a world-class team of uniquely-experienced experts in their field.

We hire the best people, wherever they’re based. That’s why our team works remotely from across Europe, the US, as well as from our offices in London and Amsterdam.

Our advisors.

John Wilkinson
ex-Director of Medical Devices at MHRA.

Howard Kerr
CEO of BSI 2009–⁠2021.

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